This is a picture of yourself.

This is me.

It's been me for as long as I can remember. Maybe you know me, and maybe you don't. I am, of course, a real human person and not a website.

This website was created as a birthday gift to myself in fulfillment of a lifelong dream to own a little part of the Internet. I now know that's not exactly how the Internet works, but here we are. Behold, the fruits of a handful of hours half-assing some HTML and CSS.

Creating lifelong dreams as a child is not a particularly smart thing to do. Children don't exactly know how most complicated concepts work. They're not exactly the best at critical thinking, leaving them poorly equipped for making realistic or attainable goals later in life. And we all seem to deal with these childhood dreams in different ways. Some slave restlessly against age, fate, logic and nature in pursuit, and others jetison them as soon as opportunity for money, power or love come along with better returns.

Anything we create in life, whether it's a child, a piece of art or a website, is naturally imbued with a part of ourselves. A way of expressing our existence. To know and be known is one of humanity's most basic pursuits.

Anyway... take a look around. Enjoy your stay.